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Short Update: Downtime and Rollback
Posted by sitka on Thursday 12 July 2012 - 18:26:24 0

Good day everyone and welcome back to the past!

As you might have noticed, the website wasn't reachable for the last days, since our host had some unexpected difficulties. The site was moved to another host (once again thanks to Keb for helping out with that) and everything should be fine now. Due to this step, we are sorry to announce that every change that was made to the site after July 1st, is gone (e. g. Registrations, Forumposts, Newsposts and the new design) because no backup has been made since then.
It's quite obvios that we will try to restore at least a part of the lost data but nothing can be promised.

This won't affect the tournament and it will go on as planned - the matches will be announced, stay tuned!

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08 Jun : 18:26
gege, big gainz

07 Jun : 21:53
gg Muty!

17 Mar : 17:04

10 Mar : 15:35
yo datslk

07 Mar : 10:58

14 Jan : 02:17

10 Jan : 20:07
I even have friends in steam, just remember well

06 Jan : 13:00
Wow first time I see players from my country

06 Jan : 09:36

05 Jan : 03:58