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Insilio HnS Summer Cup: Winners
Posted by sitka on Sunday 15 July 2012 - 21:29:34 15

It has been a turbulent tournament with its ups and downs, surprising matches and an unexpected disqualification.
Kudos for Keb who did a great job managing the cup - which is a LOT of work - and judging together with Garey.

g0zi from HOLD SPACE! has been banned for Bhop-Hack by the server's Anticheat system - thus dooming the whole team and giving the third place to sxm.
The winners are determined and will receive their prizes. Congratulations!

rip: A CS 1.6 server with 12 slots for 2 months.
insilio: Admin rights on all of our game servers for the whole team for 1 month.
sxm: Admin rights on all of our game servers for the whole team for 2 weeks.
 remake on 15 Jul : 22:41
Congratulations rip! The last rounds were all kinda close but your win was well-deserved.

And thanks to everyone who participated, hope to see you around at our future events!

 Keb on 15 Jul : 22:48
g0zi good

 MMS on 15 Jul : 23:06

 Camelcloud on 15 Jul : 23:46
gg g0zi

 Motorhead on 16 Jul : 03:27
Garey suck judge!

 vaMp on 16 Jul : 08:47
Well, the clan name fit g0zi very much.

 Ft.skY on 16 Jul : 10:35
gj g0zi

 evade on 16 Jul : 11:39
g0zi didnt cheat lol.

 Keb on 16 Jul : 12:44
of course, of course

 Zippow on 16 Jul : 13:57
Before you guys have doomed g0zi's entire reputation let me inform you that the anti-cheat that is running on our servers right now is made by Huppari.

I had his anti-cheat on our 100aa servers before and we could have 50 people being banned in 1 day, there's been a lot of glitches and bugs so please keep in mind that if g0zi was cheating it would most likely have been found in the demos on XJ rather than on some hns cup, lets wait for huppari's statement

 jekkt on 16 Jul : 14:40
let us just doom g0zi's entire reputation instead

 Keb on 16 Jul : 16:37
zippow i use fix version

 Legna on 19 Jul : 04:13
so... he cheated or not?:P

 evade on 19 Jul : 07:21
ofc he did not cheat in the rest of games but turned bhop hack on in the match for 3rd place (never give up ye) ?

 huppari on 19 Jul : 19:40
I've updated my anti-cheat to 0.0.2 and I think the bug should be fixed now (if there even was one) I apologize.

But I haven't seen that many innocent players have got a kick or ban, about g0zi I know he may have had a untrusted scene back in the time which I don't want to talk about, but although I know he haven't cheated recently, so for my words g0zi can have a unban from both website and servers.

From now on cheaters that is caught will have 4 weeks temporary ban instead of 1, even if g0zi did cheat wouldn't mean he will cheat again + these old bugs that was on your server Zippow is away or fixed.

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Hello Everyone. Do you know that there is a CSGO professional team that already exists for 3 years called Insilio! It was called that in the name of this community! They are doing relatively well, and are currently in European ESEA advanced stage.

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