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Posted by sitka on Friday 20 July 2012 - 21:44:40 3

First of all we want to inform you about that Zippow left insilio. And I will quote the reason because it's not a secret and you should all know it.

"Hello guys! First off I want to say that it's been nothing but fun to help bring insilio back to its rightful shape and to see all of the great players gathered again. However I feel that since I'm a 100aa hns player its not fair that im in the team.

I would like to join insilio the right way when I get good enough but being here now just feels awkward.

Big shoutout to sitka who brought back insilio, great job it wouldn't have worked without you!

Good luck to the hns team and I hope to see a lot of growth in the kz players you brought in aswell

Over and out"

We are glad that you took a part of insilio and tried best as you could. Anyways, 3pac decided to take the lead after a hard discussion about if he could do it when his "semi-active". We came up to that he will be more active in the HNS scene again and take care of insilio's HNS team.

Another great new is that ShoCk "the flying russian" joined us and are aiming for play around in the XJ top rankings. He got WR's on maps like kzru_spacehop and bkz_pyramidblock.

As you may have noticed we are back on the old design after the server crashed totaly and all files got removed. Well, Matilda found the files for some lucky how and we will be back with the new design asap. + KZ server hosted by Keb is soon up with the great kick ass ranking system!
 FUbiq on 20 Jul : 22:58
the flying russian hahaha

 Ra3ieL on 21 Jul : 06:23
"the flying russian" - awesome!

Looking forward when the new design is restored again - that looked badass?.
KZ-Server awwwww yeeeeaaahh! Finally!

Good luck Zippow at your further way...

 remake on 21 Jul : 06:56
Don't put too much hope on the new theme. I only have the images, but html and css are still missing :/

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Hello Everyone. Do you know that there is a CSGO professional team that already exists for 3 years called Insilio! It was called that in the name of this community! They are doing relatively well, and are currently in European ESEA advanced stage.

28 Jun : 17:33
congratz muty! amazing wr :D

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