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Farewell KlimpeN
Posted by pieshels on Monday 08 October 2012 - 21:01:41 5

Our known friend KlimpeN is leaving KZ and HNS (and cs1.6) forever, may all his new adventures be full of joy as it was with us.

 jekkt on 09 Oct : 07:31
why does everyone use the same colors :v

 FUbiq on 15 Oct : 23:55
I see people doing ten times nicer rounds on public, and they don't put them in movies.
Why is the quality of hns movies so low? You see all these sick fragmovies or trickjumps, then HNS movies are just standard public rounds from retards tricking other retards.
I've yet to see a single hns movie throughout all these years where I'm actually thinking "this guy knows what he's doing".

I'd be embarrassed releasing demos like these..

 KlimpeN on 16 Oct : 17:40
Thank you for your comment, captain obvious. You are always hater. You dont know anything about editing just like me. And I asked Pieshels to upload this movie on insilio page, this video is especialy for my friends. You dont know about movie anything too. Think before you writing

 FUbiq on 16 Oct : 19:49
If it was especially made for your friends why would you want it up on insilio in the first place? Just makes you a fameseeker in my eyes. And given that, I'd suppose you want to produce some nice content. Guess not.

Wants movie to be featured on insilio -> can't accept viewers' opinion

 KlimpeN on 17 Oct : 15:51
Nothing like that, you think rly wrong and im not that guy who want to be famous.. anyways i left cs for ever, why should I be famous last my day?

Stop argue..

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