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Posted by hm on Sunday 06 December 2015 - 17:12:44 3

Today we have good news for you guys.
A new member joined our clan.

It is noxeR!

I hope you will have a lot of fun here mate.
Good luck for all your projects/records.

 badgamer on 07 Dec : 22:52

 PeKz on 08 Dec : 14:22

 droner on 13 Dec : 21:33

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31 Jan : 01:08

14 Jan : 22:20
I got a message thank you :) happy kreedzing!

14 Jan : 02:46
I wrote holy for an unban request, I came back online today and was offline for 1-2years and idk why I´am banned. Is this correct that I wrote him a message or which person do I need to write for this? Thank you for help :)

13 Jan : 06:08

16 Dec : 09:27
Obvious enough. The question is what's the point of geeking records with a bhop hack and uploading em' on youtube :D

11 Dec : 01:32
Is the same guy that faked Bibika. emptythumper. I mean, how obvious is that he is cheating and that he is not the player who is faking?


10 Dec : 18:54
I thought it was you I've thinking he dont have time to earn back some skill thats why is using some of juice bhop cheats :D

10 Dec : 07:41
@fiveshot because of this retard no one believes me that I`m not fake :/

10 Dec : 07:21
yo hoLy

05 Dec : 22:40