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Posted by sitka on Thursday 25 October 2012 - 14:29:11 3

Hi guys!

"Wouldn't it be pretty cool if there could be 1.6 movement in here?" - That's what I thought a long time ago when I joined a CS:Source "climbing" server.
And thats exactly what SoUlFaThEr's Source Mod "KZMOD" does. I'm going to keep short on that, since many of you already know of this and/or have played it (check out the official website if you're clueless).

As one of the first, we want to get up a Team for the KZMOD with akkord as its leader and now are accepting new members for it.
Feel free to write an application! But don't forget to scroll down and read the previous newspost about applying in general.

The second thing is shNz.
It was his birthday yesterday, but it seems like we are getting the presents.
All of you have probably already seen his amazing WR Special Release on Xtreme-Jumps with 30 new demos.
I know its a little late but I kinda overslept everything (literally).

Happy (past) birthday shNz!
May you live long and happy! May you achieve your dreams and never give up! And may you not loose your motivation and not let the spring of world records get dry!
 FUbiq on 25 Oct : 19:09
Sounds interesting.

HPB shNz, too sick

 ShoCk on 25 Oct : 21:45
Nice, let's see what will it look like in future

 shNz on 26 Oct : 16:41

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congratz muty! amazing wr :D

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