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New official insilio's server provided by wayz!
Posted by hoLy on Tuesday 31 January 2017 - 13:10:33 5

Hello everybody!

You might know this server and its owner wayz from a long time ago already now but here we go,

wayz kindly accepted to be part of insilio in the first place and then accepted to make his server Germanija KZ the official one for insilio!

Here is the IP for everyone who would be interested:

insilio KZ [+FastDL] -

 noxeR on 31 Jan : 13:31
welcome !

 hm on 04 Feb : 22:23
Noice, gj guys.

 hm on 06 Feb : 02:15
Is it possible that i can get access to hook there by any chance? =)

 wayz on 07 Feb : 13:05

 hm on 08 Feb : 17:58
Gj wayz, really good Job.
Server is running smoth and the people liked it a lot.

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31 Jan : 01:08

14 Jan : 22:20
I got a message thank you :) happy kreedzing!

14 Jan : 02:46
I wrote holy for an unban request, I came back online today and was offline for 1-2years and idk why I´am banned. Is this correct that I wrote him a message or which person do I need to write for this? Thank you for help :)

13 Jan : 06:08

16 Dec : 09:27
Obvious enough. The question is what's the point of geeking records with a bhop hack and uploading em' on youtube :D

11 Dec : 01:32
Is the same guy that faked Bibika. emptythumper. I mean, how obvious is that he is cheating and that he is not the player who is faking?


10 Dec : 18:54
I thought it was you I've thinking he dont have time to earn back some skill thats why is using some of juice bhop cheats :D

10 Dec : 07:41
@fiveshot because of this retard no one believes me that I`m not fake :/

10 Dec : 07:21
yo hoLy

05 Dec : 22:40