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badgamer wins the SourceRuns' Half-Life Jump Map Cup #2 on Adrenaline Gamer!
Posted by hoLy on Saturday 03 February 2018 - 21:55:17 2

For those who still might don't know about what the hell is Adrenaline Gamer (OpenAG): It is a HL based mod (AXN mechanics), that offers 10aa acceleration and autobhop.

Yep, badgamer (or Beginner) just won 350$ by winning that special tournament! All the donations towards this tournament have been highly appreciated as long as you're contributing to the growth and/or the sustainability of the "movement" community in general...

Almost 40 players attended to this tournament which was hosted by execut4ble (who rejoined us by the way, because he's straight up a legend!) the Half-Life engine master.

Congratulations to everyone, it's been awesome!

 rawe on 04 Feb : 23:10
Congratulations beginner!

 sitka on 02 Mar : 11:35
Congrats big man!

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sup Agus, still rocking 255s?

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@PuKiS you already killed top1s on other servers =D?

hi btw

18 Mar : 09:13
wayz owns this server. The problem is that he deleted everyone from Steam a while ago so I don't know what happened with the server, I'm sorry.

17 Mar : 21:55
why your kz server not working for like 2 weeks i used to play that server from time to time and now that server offline all the time

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