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Posted by pacMan on Tuesday 10 March 2020 - 17:46:45 0

Dear visitors,

First, I'd like to wish you a happy new year even if it's a bit late.

The kreedz community is still active, and for that matter we are happy to welcome a few newcomers in our team:

BloLy, Creep, flores, lambdaaa, meLn0n, OK and QuaD.

They all have made truly impressive demos and are really showing a huge potential in their area. Many of them also show great slide skills!
To them: We wish you to continue your success and hope to see you here for a long time.

Here is a "run of the week" from one of our new members:

Best regards,

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04 Apr : 02:18
hi, can i put a tag in the name?

31 Mar : 12:22
monthly hi

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30 Nov : 10:35
Hello Everyone. Do you know that there is a CSGO professional team that already exists for 3 years called Insilio! It was called that in the name of this community! They are doing relatively well, and are currently in European ESEA advanced stage.

28 Jun : 17:33
congratz muty! amazing wr :D

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