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Posted by sitka on Wednesday 27 June 2012 - 12:53:52 4

Hello users!

The recruitment is in full swing and we already got some new members. We received 10 applications in 1 day. I would like to inform you about to keep an eye open at your application. As soon as any in the lead have said "moved to the admin forum" that means its in voting by our members. Do not take it personally if you're not get accepted because we expect that there will be a lot of applications.

You can make your application in -here- but be sure you have red -this- first!

We are atleast very glad that you liked our work and a great credit to remake that took care of the coding.

Well, here is the new members of insilio.

sitka "Head Admin & Mapper"
remake "Technical Admin"
daza "Mapper"
Zippow "HNS Team Leader"
Translucent "HNS"

We also decided to take Pieshels into the leadership and shNz to take command over the KZ Team.
 Fps on 27 Jun : 15:34
Nice to see insilio active

 quikmooh on 27 Jun : 15:43
My dream have always been get in to insilio, but that dream died when I realized by myself I'm not enough good for it, GOOD LUCK everyone who get in and have so much fun as possible! glad to see you active again!

dynamiteN on 27 Jun : 19:46
Zippow-zaprow hehe (;

 Homie on 27 Jun : 19:56

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