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Sitka put rules for cupadmins!

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Author Post
May 21 2013, 11:08pm
Registered Member #142
Joined: Jun 28 2012, 10:50pm
Posts: 10
Hello, I am pretty dissapointed on the admins for this cup. And there is a few reasons for this.
1. First reason is that when my team 1337emo played against kebs team in the groupstage they didnt use the player they signed up for the tournament. Insted translucent changes hes steamavatar and hes steamname and play with the nick "helvild". And since translucent is playing in the team "insilio-kz" he should not be able to play in 2 teams in the same cup.

2. The ban of toxiikz. To use a site this big as insilio is and post a newspost about someone is a cheater without any prof at all is really WRONG.
It destroys hes reputation and It should not happend and a player should not be banned if the only prof is
"21:44 - Keb translucent pro
21:44 - Keb say me
21:44 - Keb he have good sbj
21:44 - Keb he know"

You cant detect someone for bhophack using a hltvdemo or just sit in spec and spectate a match. And since insilio is such a "big" community you should be able to get a decent anticheat. Because when I asked Keb he told me he is waiting for "pov demo" from toxiikz and that they were going to use demochecking tools to check the demo. But since demochecking tools only work on demos recorded on listenservers this wont work. And since you have no prof that he used bhophack and the demo you posted does not show any hack he should not get banned and get pointed out as a cheater.

Here is the complete chat with Keb I had on steam with him: -link-

Sitka as CEO of insilio I really hope u do something about it and set rules about how banning from a tournament should be done. Cups are really fun and great for the community but when the admins act like this It's really dissapointing and It's rellly dissapointing that it's the admins from insilio who is one of the biggest kreedz communitys who have a great reputation.

Hope to see more cups but with better administration in the future!

// MoLwiz
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May 21 2013, 11:22pm
Registered Member #541
Joined: May 21 2013, 08:45pm
Posts: 1
Molwiz TELL EM!1
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May 21 2013, 11:24pm
Registered Member #35
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 04:29pm
Posts: 2
These russians are ruining this legendary clan, sad but true.
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May 21 2013, 11:34pm
Registered Member #82
Joined: Jun 27 2012, 12:57pm
Posts: 26
"Эти русские"? Кто именно? Говори конкретнее ибо нечего тут обобщать.
Тут имеются вполне адекватные, здоровые, квалифицированные ребята.
Не все "русские" виноваты в том, что произошло. К этому чамп-ту плохо подготовились и уже ничего не справить. В следующий раз, устраивайте тогда свои "чампионаты", и мы поглядим на Вас...
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May 21 2013, 11:38pm
Registered Member #82
Joined: Jun 27 2012, 12:57pm
Posts: 26
А то видите-ли, чуть что, сразу русские виноваты, не плохо Вы тут устроились. Я плохо владею английским, но я не собираюсь писать через гугл переводчик и распинаться перед Вами.. Я как пользователь этого сайта, имею право разговаривать на своем языке, и это уже "Ваши" проблемы, понимаете Вы меня или нет.
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May 21 2013, 11:41pm
Registered Member #82
Joined: Jun 27 2012, 12:57pm
Posts: 26
В следующий раз, на счет чамп-та принимайте все, кто тут есть - решение.
Кто за кем/чем будет следить. И не будет похожих инцидентов. Не мне Вас учить. И мне глубоко "насрать" так скажем, на Ваше мнение, которое сложилось на данный момент обо мне. Я выразил свою точку зрения обо всем, что происходит.
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May 21 2013, 11:45pm
Registered Member #35
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 04:29pm
Posts: 2
One more thing.
Why are you taking up my name as your defence? I'm here, in insilios website, in insilios forum, unbanned, by your own boss.

Also, another thing.
21:47 - Keb plugin detected him on old hnscup
21:47 - Keb u lot dont know

No, no. The real person who "lot dont know" is you, Keb. The anti-cheat plugin you used on your server was created by simo/huppari where I actually helped him develop. And it was still on beta version when he sent it to you. And as far as I can remember, he even told you it is a beta-version. And as far as I also can remember, the first thing you said when i falsely got "busted" for bhophack was, and I quote, "H@H@H@H@" (which means "hahahah" in russian as far as I'm concerned) and spammed the website.

To make you shut up, the creator of the anti-cheat plugin you used said something like this to me. "My plugin is still in beta and it bugged, I know you didin't cheat"
To make you shut up even more, you are russian.

I actually would'nt even care, but since you took up my name as your defence, I had to react.

pizda :SSSS
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May 22 2013, 12:38am
Registered Member #7
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 12:25am
Posts: 5
Ok, hey Gozi and Molwiz. I would like to say about hide'n'seek (10aa or dead aa). "This Russian, who is ruining this clan" trying to restore 10aa area, don't forget about it. It is first steps, yeees not very successful.

No words. Thats epic D
"21:44 - Keb translucent pro
21:44 - Keb say me
21:44 - Keb he have good sbj
21:44 - Keb he know"
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May 22 2013, 06:01am
Registered Member #114
Joined: Jun 27 2012, 07:46pm
Posts: 42
i think people that use another language on forum/chatbox should be banned. there is a forum for this.

about the cup, i have strong opinions that can harm some people feelings.

translucent playing on 2 teams is something really bad.

the admin maeking the cup and playing aswell , really bad.

Banning someone just because you think he is cheated, ok, BUT if you are sponsored by insilio , you should ask the team first.

Posting a single news on the site, just to show people that you banned him, without proofs, it is really bad.

shame on you guys.
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May 22 2013, 07:33am
Registered Member #178
Joined: Jul 12 2012, 05:59pm
Posts: 13
ok, shut up guys about russians. did anyone of you "norussians" create a hns tournament for the last 4-5 years? Keb is only one, who trying to get back 10aa hns and he is doing it better than all u (coz you just don`t do this)

Keb banned Toxikz not to make chance for Mix or for any other reason. If you will attentively look that demo on train, you will see that Toxikz playground looks really queerly. i dont want to say anything about him, idk if he is a cheater. But translucent's and Keb's opinions during the match was that he is. There are some reasons to think so. Toxikz didn`t make any bhop fail (only when he hitted something and stop, and that is looking queerly, coz he is a HNS player, not KZ ) and he has done 7 perfect undertrain bhop in a raw. You guys have to count with it.

As Keb said, he (and all team mb) will make the decision today. We have to help him with it, not to attack .

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