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Feb 02 2016, 06:06am
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Joined: Jan 30 2016, 04:05pm
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Hello, My name is Wang Yu, March 11, 1998 I was born in Chongqing, China, I do not like sports, because I am a lazy person, or that I like sports, but I used the computer.
What kind of position do you want to join as ?: I would like to be a part of the KZ Team. I can kreedz a few hours to a dozen hours or even a day, I like bhop gives me a sense of rhythm.
Got any experience about that ?: I started in 2010, in 2011, I had the first world record at that time the mood is very excited, and I will forever love KREEDZ (KZ will always love has always existed)
Got anything you want to impress us with ?: I will use a number of world records perfect combo to impress you, I now have four WR, my favorite is cg_d2block_h, but it's gone, I think this map I was perfect, I believe that in the near future I will make it back again,

Forgive me for using Google Translation

Sincerely PMSA
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Feb 02 2016, 06:21am

Joined: Jun 28 2012, 01:14am
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Your application has been moved to the admin forum for further review.
You will be noticed about the decision in time.
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Feb 07 2016, 02:07am

Joined: Jun 28 2012, 01:14am
Posts: 279
Your application has been accepted.
Welcome to the team!
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