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What does "insilio" mean??
Posted by hoLy on Thursday 26 July 2018 - 01:42:25 Comments are turned off for this item

insilio is a Counter-Strike's clan (considered by many to be the best) specialized in KZ or "Kreedz" (movement based gameplay that requires many skills like longjumps, bhops, doubleducks, etc).
We also operate in HNS or "Hide and Seek" and in a few other games such as KZMod, CS:GO KZ and HL KZ.
Here is a very detailed tutorial about KZ provided by Kreedz Tutorial.

KZ? Kreedz?! Kreedz is pretty much the man that invented the "climb maps" in CS. It was in 2003, when he hosted his very first climb map online and later founded the first community around it. Since then, those climb maps have been called "kz maps".

insilio has been founded by ichirou and sbzvln in 2006 and is still rocking to this day!
Thanks to some of its members that took the lead or admin positions through all these years after founders' departure, such as tjubby, chrizZo, zyllEE, mytH, sitka, remake, hm^ or wayz just to name a bunch... Since 2013, I, hoLy, am the leader of this clan. You can check the whole team (past/present) here.

Welcome to the official insilio's website and have fun browsing it, even though it's pretty much only a showcase due to its low activity!

insilio (or "insiliō" to be exact) is a latin verb that means "Jumping in/on". The more you know...
Half-Life: Opposing Force WR!
Posted by hoLy on Wednesday 08 September 2021 - 12:35:13 2

Featuring the one and only, Muty!

Best regards,
2 New Members + Half-Life WR!
Posted by pacMan on Tuesday 07 July 2020 - 19:25:04 1

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce two new members in our clan lately!
Welcome to Muty & pHyzYp!

Muty is a talented Half-Life speedrunner. As amazing as it sounds, he can easily finish a 27~ minutes run with incredible precision.
He recently got the world record with a time of 26 minutes and 48.548 seconds.

So far, only 2 people have managed to get a run in under 27 minutes, Maxam being the first one to achieve it.
Muty also has other world records in various Half-Life games. You can find more on this link.

pHyzYp is a chinese newcomer that will compete among the best with his extreme-death kz skills. He has several world records already. A very interesting player overall to look for!

We would also like to congratulate Beginner/badgamer for his first place on the Half-Life Jump Map Cup #4 which was hosted by execut4ble.
The prizetool of this cup was an incredible amount of 1094.50 euros! You can find more information on
There, you will find the replays on Twitch if you are interested in watching it.

Muty's Twitch channel.
Beginner/badgamer's YouTube channel.

Best regards,
7 New Members!
Posted by pacMan on Tuesday 10 March 2020 - 17:46:45 0

Dear visitors,

First, I'd like to wish you a happy new year even if it's a bit late.

The kreedz community is still active, and for that matter we are happy to welcome a few newcomers in our team:

BloLy, Creep, flores, lambdaaa, meLn0n, OK and QuaD.

They all have made truly impressive demos and are really showing a huge potential in their area. Many of them also show great slide skills!
To them: We wish you to continue your success and hope to see you here for a long time.

Here is a "run of the week" from one of our new members:

Best regards,
4 New Members!
Posted by rawe on Wednesday 05 June 2019 - 09:04:24 1

Hello fellow followers!

This time, I'm writing this newspost to introduce you to our four new teammates: nykaN, Penguin, Qicg and akseon!

nykaN is a CS:GO KZ player, so it's nice to see we are expanding our horizons to a new game. Penguin is a well known player that has been recording some smooth and clean demos on
Cosy-Climbing, where he was already featured in a ROTW some months ago. Meanwhile Qicg is one of the best active mappers at the moment, that could mean to revive the old ins_ prefix to some new maps! And last but not least, akseon, a famous longjumper that doesn't need much introduction, 248 BJ block record holder join us, bringing back some activity to the much needed longjumping scene.

Hope to see you four for a long time in our team.

Best regards,

9 New Members!
Posted by pacMan on Sunday 31 March 2019 - 21:05:16 1

Hello everyone,

2018 was a great year, there has been a lot of new world records on XJ and CC from our clan. A few players have gone inactive, so lets welcome our new members here

Welcome Aguslash, all1aNce, Igor S., kappA_^, Matelala, p0ker, pacMan, promax and protoN.

I wish you lots of fun here and a lot of success for your records!

Best regards,
New official HNS and KZMod servers!
Posted by hoLy on Tuesday 17 April 2018 - 00:07:07 3

Hello everyone,

As you can see at the left of the website, there's now 2 new servers (the Official KZ one has been shut down by the owner):

Official HNS (5vs5 Mix 100aa):
Official KZMod (kz_longjumps2 only):

Thanks a lot to flywee who's kindly hosting the HNS server for us!
Also a big thanks to Zord from EthMo community for hosting the KZMod server, again, for us!

~ Long live KZ ~ Long live HNS ~ Long live KZMod ~
badgamer wins the SourceRuns' Half-Life Jump Map Cup #2 on Adrenaline Gamer!
Posted by hoLy on Saturday 03 February 2018 - 21:55:17 2

For those who still might don't know about what the hell is Adrenaline Gamer (OpenAG): It is a HL based mod (AXN mechanics), that offers 10aa acceleration and autobhop.

Yep, badgamer (or Beginner) just won 350$ by winning that special tournament! All the donations towards this tournament have been highly appreciated as long as you're contributing to the growth and/or the sustainability of the "movement" community in general...

Almost 40 players attended to this tournament which was hosted by execut4ble (who rejoined us by the way, because he's straight up a legend!) the Half-Life engine master.

Congratulations to everyone, it's been awesome!

Demo Release #121 - 69 New Records [CC]
Posted by hoLy on Friday 05 January 2018 - 01:32:47 2

A news in 2018, yay! 72 new world records done in 5 releases at Cosy-Climbing!

From the WR Releases #783 and #784 at Cosy-Climbing:


alt_zhops done in 00:12.96 (00:13.01 boowoo)
bhop_allspark done in 00:10.87 (00:10.88 juhx)
bhop_hadulz done in 00:37.95 (00:37.99 boowoo)
bhop_mzeasytpn done in 00:17.92 (00:17.97 boowoo)
bhoprun done in 00:13.56 (00:13.63 boowoo)
boxg_snownight_easy done in 00:25.33 (00:25.39 NaTa)
d3_nozuonodie done in 00:52.47 (00:53.98 enzo)
deathrun_wild_timer done in 00:59.99 (01:00.48 translucent)
hb_Cheatometry done in 00:08.82 (00:08.96 translucent)
ins_flowergarden done in 00:44.61 (00:44.83 sick?)
kzarg_sunsethop done in 00:38.51 (00:38.68 boowoo)
kzcn_smallbhop done in 00:34.93 (00:35.95 boowoo)
pprn_growingstairs done in 00:12.75 (00:12.81 inspare)
smk_hnseu_onetry done in 00:15.34 (00:15.37 prize)


bhop_ytt_minecraft done in 01:33.74 (01:34.67 promax)
cobkz_furyvalley done in 01:31.30 (01:32.35 hRzNNN)
cypress_brickclimb done in 01:03.26 (01:03.38 jaika)
cypress_waterfall done in 00:21.21 (00:21.89 chip)
daza_snowblock done in 01:04.23 (01:04.86 hRzNNN)
daza_stairway done in 00:30.43 (00:30.49 colcol`)
deathrun_y_snow_wind_v3 done in 01:40.03 (01:40.82 colcol`)
dg_abhop done in 01:10.27 (01:10.68 TBLtoni)
dg_purplehop done in 00:43.12 (00:49.74 FuZzy1)
ds_autumn done in 01:34.14 (01:34.34 colcol`)
fu_freakhop done in 01:38.80 (02:40.20 colcol`)
ham_cavyspeed done in 05:28.75 (05:29.33 ScraP)
ksp_paintkz2014 done in 00:40.82 (00:42.94 betty_k)
ksz_blocks_dawn done in 00:54.12 (00:54.69 Lolwhat)
kzbr_magicbuttons done in 00:33.46 (00:33.76 Nukk)
kzcn_synergy_h done in 00:33.14 (00:34.33 rawe) (17:09.78 rawe)
kzcn_synergy done in 00:31.26 (05:52.52 rawe)
kzra_2boxes1room done in 01:40.81 (01:40.96 colcol`)
kzra_redbrickblock done in 02:05.72 (02:06.13 LshXNRz)
kzra_smallcanyon done in 01:28.81 (01:29.75 translucent)
kztw_mfa_run_bronx done in 01:42.61 (01:42.71 colcol`)
kztw_snowbrick done in 01:33.59 (01:37.40 Zzz`)
mcf_nighthops done in 01:04.98 (01:05.13 colcol`)
mls_snowvalley done in 03:13.45 (03:25.72 rawe)
muj_ljorbj done in 00:24.78 (00:25.12 Dolphin)
notkz_rid_leonardo done in 01:31.02 (01:37.77 Nemiroff)
nt_fastclimb_b01 done in 00:33.06 (00:33.56 inspare)
rfx_metalbhop done in 00:45.78 (00:46.21 dropzone)
risk_standard done in 01:06.49 (01:06.62 chip)
smk_factory done in 00:43.42 (00:43.73 drizz)
smk_falldown done in 00:29.65 (00:29.78 Cupe)
smk_fire_and_ice done in 01:14.65 (01:15.39 cL1p)
smk_kzsca_beachclimb done in 00:25.45 (00:26.26 KenLawrence)
smk_kzsca_grunge done in 01:21.19 (01:22.74 hRzNNN)
smk_kzsca_oldschool done in 02:01.35 (02:40.30 miketang1993)
smkz_stonetower done in 01:52.38 (01:53.53 Nukk)
super_justbl0ck done in 01:02.67 (01:03.53 drizz)
super_smk_1337 done in 01:26.27 (01:26.62 enzo)
sxj_challenge_junglez done in 00:50.45 (00:50.84 Nukk)
sxj_challenge_stonie done in 00:30.10 (00:31.43 ducu)
tisha_colorblock done in 00:59.63 (00:59.70 colcol`)
ul_spring done in 02:16.86 (02:18.79 Dolphin)
uubhop done in 01:53.59 (01:55.01 Aguslash)
vLy_blueclimb done in 01:32.32 (01:34.35 EnN1)

Older demos from the WR Releases #778, #779 and #780 at Cosy-Climbing:


eec_obs done in 00:10.50 (00:10.58 lambdaaa)
gulp_imperial done in 00:10.09 (00:10.19 talita)
kf_fortune done in 00:14.00 (00:14.47 KenLawrence)


holy_firstmap done in 00:14.70 (00:15.15 hoLy)


bkz_grassblock done in 03:33.85 (03:34.56 miketang1993)
jro_jumpnrun done in 00:51.11 (01:34.20 DINO!)
kzarg_bhopcavern done in 01:02.12 (01:05.57 Nukk)
kzra_laps done in 01:38.23 (**:**.** n/a)
sdmz_townz_e done in 03:11.02 (03:35.33 RTVpls)
smk_zink_city done in 00:46.14 (00:46.42 cL1p)


notkz_namek done in 50:48.35 (**:**.** n/a)

List of the members that recorded for Cosy-Climbing in 2017 and aren't shown above: badgamer, Gorbachev_x, Johnny, neXt., noxeR, ShoCk, Toffifee and wayz!

Also, let's not forget about alx, hRzNNN, memek, rOboTaa and shNz, as for some of those already listed in this news before, recorded for Xtreme-Jumps (CS & KZmod) in 2017!

Happy new year to everyone!

KZMod has been posted on Steam Greenlight!
Posted by hoLy on Thursday 23 February 2017 - 08:18:40 0

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