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Posted by sitka on Tuesday 06 November 2012 - 19:06:43 1


Third time is a charm! Oh wait - let's try again.
The best things come in fours!
Now, this might not be a real famous saying, but thanks to dynamiteN it could become one, as he continues his chilling spree.
True to the motto of his recent videos - visual material that lets your eyes pop out; relaxing stuff for your ears to keep your eyeballs back from flying all over the place - dynamiteN shows us once again what quality is.

Well by now I think you already guessed it and/or you actually read the title: shNz is providing the demo material for this runclip.
This time we have his sick run on cg_strafejumpZ where it is getting hard to blink without missing something. So don't.
It definetly has something soothing to watch shNz fly over the map while hearing a tune from Bakermat in the background. Enjoy!

The tale of sld_bside_nightblock, or how you can do an awesome video.
Posted by sitka on Saturday 27 October 2012 - 22:54:33 1

Salute folks!

This almost feels like a d?j?-vu.
We have dynamiteN - Check
We have shNz - Check
We have an awesome run packed into a great video with ingenious music - Check
What can possibly go wrong? Yes, you are right: Nothing.
Once again dynamiteN presents an explosive runclip with shNz's world record on "sld_bside_nightblock" as its main course.
I guess additional words are unnecessary as the clip speaks more than I could ever write. So watch and enjoy!

Chilling cold_v2
Posted by sitka on Friday 26 October 2012 - 15:34:17 4

What's up people?

Let me introduce you to a video. It's a moviemakers way of saying happy birthday.
What do we get if we add to shNz's recent awesome run on cg_coldbhop_v2 and dynamiteN's creativity and awesome editing skills?
Well, I can tell you that you won't come far with maths in this case.
Because these moving pictures are something more than simple calculation.
It's the feeling you get, when you sit in front of a fireplace in a dark evening, wrapping the blanket around you tighter and slurping hot chocolate while you look outside the window where a snowstorm rages its way through snow dunes.
Or when you remember great childhood memories.
"Just watch it and feel!" - yes you were right dynamiteN.

Not believing me?
Here's the video. And now watch it! And then do it again; and again. Until you know what I mean.

Additional team
Posted by sitka on Thursday 25 October 2012 - 14:29:11 3

Hi guys!

"Wouldn't it be pretty cool if there could be 1.6 movement in here?" - That's what I thought a long time ago when I joined a CS:Source "climbing" server.
And thats exactly what SoUlFaThEr's Source Mod "KZMOD" does. I'm going to keep short on that, since many of you already know of this and/or have played it (check out the official website if you're clueless).

As one of the first, we want to get up a Team for the KZMOD with akkord as its leader and now are accepting new members for it.
Feel free to write an application! But don't forget to scroll down and read the previous newspost about applying in general.

The second thing is shNz.
It was his birthday yesterday, but it seems like we are getting the presents.
All of you have probably already seen his amazing WR Special Release on Xtreme-Jumps with 30 new demos.
I know its a little late but I kinda overslept everything (literally).

Happy (past) birthday shNz!
May you live long and happy! May you achieve your dreams and never give up! And may you not loose your motivation and not let the spring of world records get dry!
Posted by sitka on Friday 19 October 2012 - 13:37:54 1

Good day dear fellas! Today, we make you an offer you can't refuse.

After a little discussion we decided to open the application forum again and recruit some reinforcement.
Everyone is welcomed to post an application here.
Beware that the forum is going to be open for exactly one month. That means that the 19.11.2012 is the deadline.
AFTER and only after that date of time it will be decided who's in and who's not.
Don't even bother asking about your chances before

Since it didn't really work out last time, I want you to read sitka's awesome "How to make an application", which you also can find if you click on this:

sitka wrote ...

Make a new thread with your name and just your name! And answer those lines as a template.

Tell something about yourself:
What kind of position do you want to join as?:
Got any experience about that?:
For how long have you been in the scene?:
Got anything you want to impress us with? (should be great If you linked a demo on normal KZ maps)

Remember, post it so we get interested instead of typing it all together as a welter. Make it attractive with pictures, bold, italic etc

For example:

Tell something about yourself: Hey! My name is Emil Thebo. I'm 19 y/o and are born in a small town in G?vle, Sweden. I'm acutally a sport guy, or to be honest, I sport more than being on the computer. Well, when I'm not on the gym/armwrestlingtable or at work i'm actually go into the trap and is captured by the computer for hours. I also got this very beautifull girlfriend, and I could use a few hours for her to trololo

What kind of position do you want to join as?: I would like to be a part of the KZ Team. Just because thats what im acutally use on my sparetime with the computer. I could kreedz for hours. I prefer bhoping since shNz is probably the best on it and i want to be better than him!

Got any experience about that?: I started with kreedz in 2005. A friend of mine introduced me to kz_giantbean_b15 and i fell in love with it. Combos wasnt that popular in that time and im a combo guy so i keeped up with the climbing till now =)

For how long have you been in the scene?: As I just revealed i started in 2005 so ive played for 7 years now.

Got anything you want to impress us with?: I got a movie sitka the movie & sitka 256 block. As a bonus i want to show you guys a video when i totaly crushed shNz. sitka totaly rape shNz on fof_dale.

Sincerely sitka

Thats already it.
Good luck everyone!
Translucent - moving forward
Posted by sitka on Thursday 18 October 2012 - 15:49:24 2

Hi everyone!
Grab some popcorn and watch the new movie with our well known jumper.
With the creative mind of Chrome Media's Phinx and the jumps performed by Translucent this movie is more than worth watching! Have fun!
But now, straight to the point:

Celebration starring Nukk
Posted by daza on Monday 15 October 2012 - 19:21:58 7

Happy Birthday Nukk!

Farewell KlimpeN
Posted by pieshels on Monday 08 October 2012 - 21:01:41 5

Our known friend KlimpeN is leaving KZ and HNS (and cs1.6) forever, may all his new adventures be full of joy as it was with us.

2 WR runs
Posted by daza on Friday 05 October 2012 - 15:15:35 4

First we have Kelta's goldbhop wr 1:28:38! (2? years ago I never even expected to see even 1.29 on goldbhop!)

And now we have ShoCk's wr on kz_kzdk_Covebhop! A lovely map made by my fellow dane Radon!

Courtesy of dynamiteN! Enjoy theese two runs!
Happy Birthday Translucent!
Posted by Nukk on Thursday 04 October 2012 - 17:23:17 5

You have a date to celebrate
Which comes but once a year
And so today we'd like to say
From all of insilio to you:
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you Translucent!

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