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The comeback of insilio
Posted by hoLy on Monday 25 June 2012 - 23:45:11 7

Hello everyone

After beeing down for a while, I ( sitka) took a decision to revive insilio and get it back to the scene. And why? Well, you will hear now.

Around 2010, Our dear dropsys asked if I was eager to become a part of PhooGi. Well, yes I was. I've been looking up to PhooGi from the day I started climbing. dropsys and I, we played together until in early 2011. Justin dropsys Swint disappeared and I could not get hold of him. Then I gave up and thought that he must be very busy and just didn't have the time to respond. Justin wanted to revive phoogi and he succeeded with it. He recruited me and three others and we started to have very fun. But the days went by and we had all heard that Justin had passed away from us. While it stung to the heart and shivers flowing along the spine I got a tear falling on my desk. Justin was very musical I played his music for hours and weeks.

I really didn't give up the hope of getting up PhooGi to one of the most powerful clans.
But time passed and I tried alot and no one gave me the chance to help. Then I got the brilliant idea to talk to one of my closest friends spr1n to revive insilio and here we are. I will certainly try to get insilio to work out, and I will do that with the old people of insilio who wanted to give me the chance to try!

Well, my name is sitka. And I really hope that this will work for us all, and that people still want to be part of insilio.
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08 Feb : 18:59
just came by

11 Jan : 01:55

insilio is an invite-only clan.

10 Jan : 21:04
I would like to join your clan, to whom I can refer?

19 Dec : 19:41
why kz server offline :(

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