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Posted by sitka on Saturday 28 July 2012 - 19:13:54 1

Hey guys!

Yes it's been a while. And it's been a chaos. And hot.
So while this chaos is slowly coming to an end, and the weather still doesnt look like it's going to be merciful in the next time - have an update cocktail!

First of all: We have two members who had their birthday recently so a happy past birthday to boom.dll (23.07) and 3pac (27.07)! May your life be long, successfull and without regrets!

Furthermore the HNS-Team will be strengthened by twinkgirll, who recently started to play again and 8bit_flasher.
Welcome to insilio!

The Insilio HnS Summer Cup winners from rip decided that they will host HNS-Gathers on the server they got.
Starting within next week and with the help of Garey's plugin everyone who's interested will be able to play Hide'n'Seek scrims.
When the time comes, just drop by on the #rippingyou IRC channel and talk to an admin.

Last but not least FUbiq intervewed the insilio veteran and fresh baked HNS-Team captain 3pac! Read the extended post!

FUbiq: Hello Gustav, how's it hanging?
3pac: It's dangling

FUbiq: Haha Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?
3pac: Well, my name is Gustav and i just turned 20 yesterday.
Im a hns player for insilio and i've been playing hidenseek for about 6-7 years.
In my spare time i mostly sit at my computer playing games or watch movies, or hang out with friends etc.

FUbiq: That's a long time. How did you get introduced to HNS?
3pac: Got introduced to hidenseek by an irl mate of mine and started playing it during nights in between scrims.

FUbiq: So when did you first get in contact with insilio?
3pac: I was pretty close friends with zyllEE and donnelly which were the ones that started up the hns part of insilio, and after a while donnelly asked if i wanted to join insilio, i said yes and here we are.

FUbiq: You've been inactive for a while and still are. Was there something in particular that made you stop playing?
3pac: Well i got rather tired of the scene and how people played, also most of my friends quit and it's alot more fun playing with someone else.

FUbiq: What else do you do when not playing cs besides hanging with friends? Do you work or study?
3pac: I had sort of an apprenticeship at a resturant that just ended and i'll start studying again in a week.

FUbiq: At a restaurant? So you want to become a chef? What will you be studying?
3pac: Well untill recently i had no idea what i wanted to do, but my family has always said that they think i'd like working with food so i gave it a try. And as i have fun doing it and hopefully will start making money doing it you could say i'd like to become a chef . But as i dont have much experience i signed up for a cookingschool which is what im going to study.

FUbiq: Thanks for taking your time, do you have any shoutouts or something you'd like to say?
3pac: Thanks for interviewing me first of all. Shoutout to errb0dy, hide yo kids



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Hello Everyone. Do you know that there is a CSGO professional team that already exists for 3 years called Insilio! It was called that in the name of this community! They are doing relatively well, and are currently in European ESEA advanced stage.

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congratz muty! amazing wr :D

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