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Website rules:

  • Because this is an international community-clan, you may only speak english.
  • You may only have one website account. Having multiple accounts will get you banned permanently.
  • Bans are handed out at admins discretion ("Admins are always right").
Community guidelines:

  • We do NOT accept racism, prejudice, sexism or any other kind of hatred.
  • We do NOT accept degrading topics made about other countries, races or religions in particular ones aimed to prompt an aggressive response.
  • Disruptive behaviour in the forums, comments, will result in a ban. Insulting or harder violations will also result in a ban.
  • We do NOT accept spam or any other pointless postings.
  • This particular content is NOT tolerated: Massive advertisement, multiplayer cheats or scripts (aimbots, wallhacks, bhopscripts etc), Warez (MP3, NON-Steam, Porn, ...) and other material that can be found offensive.
  • Stay on topic. Read the forum descriptions to find the right forum for your question(s) and posts.
  • Avoid making doubleposts or creating a second thread on a topic that is already discussed in another thread.
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23 May : 13:06
Hello Commer, good initiative. I hope they fix it :D

21 May : 19:10
Hey hoLy, i want to join <insilio>'s KZMod team, my nickname is Trajko, can we talk ? I wanted to submit 3 demos to XJ but release is full

18 May : 08:37
hey! :D

08 May : 21:33
Hi all! To insilio - that server that you just reopen atleast make it 5v5 mix(gather mode) with few active admins... i can bring ppl to play on it but you need to change the AA to 100 otherwise this server will never get more than 5 players max. cheers

08 May : 15:44
hey akM :D legend

07 May : 17:34
wuz gucci guys

06 May : 18:40

03 May : 16:34

28 Apr : 13:50

10 Mar : 11:11